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objekt klein a - Http://about a x VENT

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://about a x VENT
Luckily they exist, the real-life projection surfaces, the non-places and spaces, they are the loading bars in our lives. On March 23rd, three of them will meet to face the increasing traffic with tripple the bandwidth!

VENT is about a platform in Cairo that provides emerging artists with the chance to showcase their work without compromise or restrictions. It is about putting the artist and their art first and foremost. We will start the night with a short talk with the makers to introduce their projects.

://about blank is about a last bastion of real political conscience in the heart of Berlin, the city where culture has made it possible for everyone to consume radicalism in the form of a club visit. It is about music and its reception as the form and content of personal and social contradictions and confrontation.

∰ A7ba-l-Jelly ( VENT Cairo )

∰ Abadir ( VENT Cairo )

∰ Barbara Hofmann ( ://about blank B )

∰ Hang Aoki ( ://about blank B )

∰ Kareem Lofty ( VENT Cairo )

∰ Kvrt ( ://about blank )

∰ Murat Önen ( objekt klein a Düsseldorf, LE )

∰ Namunok ( objekt klein a )

∰ Natascha Kann ( ://about blank B )

∰ Rama ( VENT Cairo )

∰ Rodmin ( ://about blank B )

∰ ZULI ( VENT Cairo )

://about a x VENT is about a come together, connecting three clubs from Cairo to Berlin, collectively managed and DIY dedicated. It is a cooperation of objekt klein a with ://about blank and DAVE as part of this years edition of Tonlagen – Dresdner Tage der zeitgenössischen Musik #stimme at Hellerau - Europäisches Zentrum der Künste (14.03. - 24.03.2019).


Einlass: 23:15, Talk: 23:30
bis 0 Uhr vergünstigter Eintritt für Talk und Party: 8€

Anfang: günstiger
Ende: billig

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