02.09.2016, 22:00

OHM - Kookoo

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touching from a distance...

:: music
IRON CURTIS (Mirau, Retreat, Smallville) //

MIEKO SUZUKI (Kookoo) // www.mixcloud.com/mieko

ARA (Kookoo) // www.mixcloud.com/kookoo

:: art
ENDRE AALRUST (w/ Frauke Boggasch) // www.endreaalrust.com

FRAUKE BOGGASCH (w/ Endre Aalrust) // www.fraukeboggasch.de

YUKIHIRO TAGUCHI (video installations) // yukihirotaguchi.wordpress.com

CARLY FISCHER (sculpture & photography) // www.carlyfischer.com

Friday, September 2, 10pm
OHM Gallery – Köpenicker Straße 70, 10179 Berlin

Did you know that Joseph Mallord William Turner was the first postmodern hypocrite arsehole? When he got out of bed one gloomy morning, in 1844, he couldn't help but feeling rather existentially shaken. »To hell with social media,« he thought after checking what the weather outside was like on Instagram. And to his apprentice he said, »Get me a bright white canvas. I want to paint a shit storm.«

Flashes of kitsch always brightened the dark universe of Turner, so they say. And these same flashes illuminate the musical world of IRON CURTIS. But they do so without ever corrupting the melancholy that reigns here. If you want to imagine IRON CURTIS' music as a painting, think of the portrait of a young man who's allergic to bright sunlight, his raised hands turning crimson while trying to protect himself from the merciless beams, almost swollen to the point of resembling a pair of purplish rubber gloves. You get the picture: it's quite a dramatic and touching view with flashes of entertaining absurdity. In three words: pretty damn amazing. KOOKOO is more than delighted to welcome IRON CURTIS to play one of his remarkable DJ sets at OHM Gallery, on September 2.

For more drama, more entertainment, more light beams, and maybe a touch of kitsch, we've invited fine artists ENDRE AALRUST and FRAUKE BOGGASCH to collaborate on a project involving painting, photography, and video works, maybe all three of them, maybe none. Either way, the outcome will be equal parts fly and fun. The two have a shared sense for sharp-eyed observation and self-perception, that's why we tought at KOOKOO we'd just have them act as one.

ENDRE AALRUST and FRAUKE BOGGASCH are joined by KOOKOO resident artists YUKIHIRO TAGUCHI and CARLY FISCHER who will present even more video works and photography. Eagerly waiting to see you at OHM Gallery are your KOOKOO hosts, MIEKO SUZUKI & ARA. Meanwhile, we will be touching from a distance...

Let's go KOOKOO!