07.09.2022, 20:00

OHM - 19-ZOLL STAMMTISCH #112 Restarted

Since issue #112 in April 2020 was called off we finally are back from the longest hiatus in our history reinviting to: 19-ZOLL STAMMTISCH #112 Restarted

Hook on the master clock and plug in your quarter inch.


Feel free to bring along your noise making machines to the open jam session. Show your love for electronic circuits and hardware devices while laptops, phones or tablets stay away from table. vintage computers like 8Bit C= however are always welcome.


19-Zoll Stammtisch is a Berlin based community with strong DIY attitude established in 2007 to share the passion for electronic hardware music technology and gaining communal relationships for exchanging confidences and methods of using and abusing electronic devices.