16.01.2016, 23:00

OHM - UnReaL presents Haunter Records feat. SOMEC and Cage Suburbia

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UnReaL presents Haunter Records, a Milan-based label specializing in cracked electronics, irregular noise and de-structured dance music. Founded in 2013 by Daniele Guerrini and Francesco Birsa Alessandri as an outlet for punk ethos in electronic music, it is also part of the collective operating at countercultural art space/squat Macao in Milan.

Cage Suburbia is the technoid project of Daniele Guerrini (also in Heith and Haunter Records’ co-curator) and Matthias Girardi (AKA Weightausend). Addicted to fast tempos, acid nastiness and jungle/dub infections. Their trilogy of “Argument” EPs just got its latest chapter on Haunter.

SOMEC is an alias for producer Giovanni Napoli. His symbiosis with electronic machinery allows him to generate spontaneous sonic excourses made of raw frequencies, neurotic beats and psychedelia. His first two EPs “Source Of Uncertainty” and “Arbitrary Function Generator” have been released by Haunter in 2015.

Red Army Fracture is the DJ project for Haunter co-founder Francesco Birsa Alessandri, whose main outpost is his residency at Macao. Channeling a riotus, deconstructive sense for electronic music, he constructs his set with a taste for politically-minded provocation.

Italian Jungle Man is the alias of an infamous Berlin-based Italian whose productions and DJ sets span noise, jungle, techno, and beyond, always inciting a rowdy collision of bodies.