17.10.2019, 22:00

OHM - Equations - Improvised Electronics feat. Anna Z. (Werk)

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Equations Collective
+ Special Guest: ANNA Z (Werk)

All night long continuous live jam session with rotating artists on the machines. Impulsive and instinctive dance music for those, who cherish live electronics modulated on the spot. Collectively handcrafted by the intuition of the artists. Intimate vibes served for all life-long improvisers!

The members of the Equations Collective are affiliated with the following projects:

• Artefakt (Delsin)
• Aroma Pitch (APR)
• Lapien (Mistress)
• Cyspe (Insula)
• Aphelion (Bliq)
• Archaic Space (Appian)
• Metropolis (Pinkman)
• Sphera De Noumenon (Equations)
• The D. (Propers Cult)

Previous guests:
Orson Wells (Live at Robert Johnson), Phillip Jondo (NTS, Spa Recordings), D-IX (Lackrec), Vida Vojić (First Terrace Records), Alex the Fairy (Finder's Fee/Modular Gang), Philipp Matalla (Kann), Sebastian Robert (Field Records), Eliad Wagner (Yemen Breakfast), Sabrina Gricourt and Jón Friðgeir Sigurðsson.


Artwork by Elias Hanzer