19.09.2019, 22:00

OHM - Celebrating Decadence While Everything Burns

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On the occasion of the fifteenth year of activity of our label/collective we planned a series of events in different cities, involving artists, venues and paths close to our experience and attitude. Underlying our proposal is the desire to force the limits and the perimeters of entertainment culture, reiterating the critical potential of the electronic counterculture and claiming the ability to imagine and create new scenarios.

we’re Stirpe999, we celebrate decadence while everything burns


Sirio Gry J ( Monolith Records )
menion ( Stirpe999 Antilabel ) - Live set
Pure ( [aufnahme + wiedergabe] / Editions Mego / Stirpe999 Antilabel )
Fire at work ( Stirpe999 Antilabel / Monolith Records ) - Live set
Inner8 ( Holotone) - Live set
Sorcery ( Midnight Shift ) - Live set
Cosimo Damiano ( Deltaplanet Records - Survive )
Francesco Di Marco ( Stirpe999 Antilabel )

visuals : Sansculotte
visions: Federico Gargaglione representing Mare Nero


Stirpe999 Antilabel is an independent project from Rome.
Born in 2003 as multimedia platform, focused on sonic and rhythmic experimentation, the aim is to investigate on sound and its aesthetic potential and mechanisms of reproduction. Independent and underground as result of a critical and conscious path, since 2003 Stirpe999 is a playing field for artists and musicians from all over the world.