25.11.2016, 23:59

OHM - Black Start

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We begin our descent into the catacombs of acid with a total reset of the mind by the ambient soundscapes of unrush dj Mareena.

As fear and trepidation take hold, Avi Caspi's Sonic Presentation of Death Itself sets the stage for the clash of the classes in Nicholas Bougaïeff's Sauvagerie Bourgeoise featuring cellist Emilie Girard-Charest.

After death there is dance.

Overloper (aka Ekman) reunites us before our peak into tekkno with early 90's acid legends BPMF and Brian KX.

Jason BPMF comes direct with a massiv hardware live pa from Philly for his first solo gig in Europe. 1/6 Rancho Relaxo All-Star, 1/3 Prototype 909, 1/2 Serotonin Records, 1/1 Button Pushin Mutha F*cka.

Meanwhile, Brian KX is busy wiping the crusty concrete off his records in prep for the long haul camper trek from Eindhoven. Overloper in tow, right in time to make those decks scream!

Moscow bleepmaster 777minus111 (aka dot eat dot) and Doqta, the godfather of Stirka in Saint Petersburg are set to rinse out this 5th edition of Black Start for some early morning mind stretching.

BPMF Live!
Brian KX
Overloper (aka Ekman)
777minus111 и Doqta Live!
Nicolas Bougaïeff presents Sauvagerie Bourgeoise Live!
Featuring cellist Emilie Girard-Charest
Avi Caspi - Sonic Presentation of Death Itself Live!

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