27.10.2016, 22:00

OHM - PYUR Epoch Sinus Launch Party

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To celebrate the launch of "Epoch Sinus“ - the debut album by our new signing PYUR - we invite you to join us as we step into a brave new audio-visual world at OHM, Berlin...
Despite her relative newness, PYUR arrives with fully-formed and unique signatures in both sonic and visual work, offering us deep artistry that transcends medium. Epoch Sinus is a seamless and spirited whole, like a life-form in its own right, describing a crumbling of boundaries between individuals and our universe. Here PYUR offers a profoundly intimate and personal statement, drawing on a life of acoustic and classical musicianship in Munich, the city that has spawned artists like the Zenker Brothers and Skee Mask. The record dances playfully between supposedly incompatible colors: moments of brutality turn to softness, new life embraces decomposition, while explosive rhythmic and melodic structures are tempered with gentle and subtle percussion. Epoch Sinus is equally generous in dancefloor, everyday listening, or avant-garde concert formats, a rare luxury in electronica at this time.
The album is accompanied by a video piece for each track, translating the sonic messages into a visual body. Light, water, reflections and colors of nature all feature strongly in these distinctive visions. The visuals will be part of her live show at the launch. Later in the night she will play a DJ set featuring some of her own edits and mash-ups of other artists in ambient, techno and electronica.

We are also very proud to have New Zealand artist Fis in the line-up, who has just released his second spirited album “From Patterns to Details” on Subtext Recordings. His album is as clever as it is musical, sound design at its finest mixed with heartbreaking, organic melodies and merciless climaxes. His music smashes old rotten structures into pieces, just to melt them into a new creation. Listening to his pieces is always a strong bodily experience as much as it is a calling-out to the soul. We can't wait to hear him live on the system, he is undoubtedly an forward-feeling artist. Listen to this gem called “Root Collars”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hiq1yovL4ak

Tallmen 785 makes people move with his rhythmic and explosive techno stylings. Spending most of his life as a jazz guitarist in New York, he brings acoustic sensibilities into his proppeling productions. He highly benefits from his musical training in his arrangements, striking a balance between organic and steadfast characteristics. His recent banger “Gear Shift” is featured in Scuba's fabric 90 mix and the fabric 90 Sampler, which is coming out on Hotflush Recordings October 14th. Have a listen here:

Marie Dior, who is also going to display visuals along side his live set, is a very experimental producer, who feels naturally comfortable in many genres, which he weaves together into his unique patterns. His creative approaches have compiled a huge library of poetic electronica, a true treasure to dig in (http://mariedior.com/). His aesthetic and sound were forged in the bowels of a thriving Black Metal scene in Portugal. Now he takes Black Metal's darkness, intensity and occasional humor and sifts it through an electronic funnel with gorgeous results.

Sounds good?

Come and join us to explore new territories and just have a splendid Thursday night together!

From 10 pm – open (come early to see the fis and pyur live shows)

Entry: 5 €

At Ohm, Köpenicker Strasse 70, 10179 Berlin