28.06.2019, 23:59

OHM - Patterns of Perception presents Avancera (Dorisburg & Kalawila)

Flyer für: OHM - Patterns of Perception presents Avancera (Dorisburg & Kalawila)
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Transfigured oblique
A space amidst space


Patterns of Perception presents the first performance from Avancera – a new project from Swedish techno producers and long-time collaborators Dorisburg and Kalawila.


Patterns of Perception
OHM Berlin


Avancera (Dorisburg & Kalawila - Premiere Set)


There's a patient consistency at the heart of Alexander Berg's work as Dorisburg. The Swedish producer has made ten EPs and one album over the past six years, and put simply, each one is something to be proud of. His catalog, which encompasses both dreamy, melancholic melody and hypnotic drum tracks, maintains a quality and singularity of personality both on record and in the live setting, performance being a deep focus for Berg with his solo project. His debut album, Irrbloss, and EPs for Northern Electronics, Aniara Recordings and Bossmusik, display dizzying sonic range. While he shifts through stylistic lanes with ease, all of his tracks are anchored by a lush atmosphere that adds an otherworldly magic to even his toughest beats.


Born in Sri Lanka, raised in Sweden with an affinity for the uncertain, he draws as much inspiration from his trip to North Korea, as he does from the seven snakes he had as a child. While living in Berlin, he fell in love with techno the day he realised that it is the most modern way we have for describing a feeling that is as ancient as possible. In his own productions he has worked hard on creating a mysterious world of texture, a void-like space in between spaces. His DJ sets are forward leaning, uncompromising, and are sure to challenge your imagination

Andreas Maan

Kim Bergstrand


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Music: Avancera - Who is princess Zorldo
Design/Video: Ray Pham & Camille Thilloy