06.08.2015, 22:00

OHM - GRAND JETÉ w/ Byetone, Hitchie Rawtin, Lucrecia Dalt & the VSQ

Flyer für: OHM - GRAND JETÉ w/ Byetone, Hitchie Rawtin, Lucrecia Dalt & the VSQ
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06. August 2015, 22:00

BYETONE (raster-noton) LIVE
Olaf Bender is the co-founder of raster-noton and performs solo under the pseudonym byetone. Bender creates his music digitally. He assembles sine tones to complex sound fabrics. Digital clicks and effect plug-ins are essential to create the rhythms. All this is brought in a timely relation and so a track is born into an artificial world without any physical effort.

HITCHIE RAWTIN (PAN, Hot Creations, Deutsche Grammophon) DJ set
Hitchie is Rawtin, coaxes the most likely location of the details of the sound wave. The most praise sake entrepreneurs the most consistent producer four years, alone. It was released in adventure PAN of the Sonic and the structure experiment. 2014 widely, his record of the year of office of the planar shape at the end of the list, quality management, in parallel with the reception is reflected in the whole of the field.

LUCRECIA DALT (Other People, Human Ear) DJ set

Lucrecia Dalt dove into music full-time after working as a civil engineer in Colombia – her pursuit of avant-garde sound brought her to Spain and then to Germany, where she currently resides. While highly technical, Dalt’s music still maintains a quantity of emotionality, merging accessible melody with abstract structures, handcrafted effects and sampling.

THE VSQ (I´m so blasé, Kalk Pets) DJ set

aka Hanno Leichtmann is a producer and curator based in Berlin. His sets are mostly electronic, between house, techno and related. Some very obscure records always find their way into his sets.

Grand Jeté is a project by Hanno Leichtmann, kindly supported by Musicboard Berlin. Presented by Digital in Berlin
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