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Flyer für: OHM - KOOKOO
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6 years of KOOKOO
if I had control I didn't feel any yet...

_ music
ANIKA (Greta / Invada / Stones Throw) // http://anikainvada.tumblr.com
MIEKO SUZUKI (Kookoo) //
ARA (Kookoo) //
Mo Chan (Team Pommes)

_ art
NAOMI TAKAKI (drawings) // www.naomitakaki.com
HUMATIC (audio-visual installation) // www.humatic.de
YUKIHIRO TAGUCHI (stop motion projections) // yukihirotaguchi.wordpress.com
CARLY FISCHER (light box & flyer artwork) // www.carlyfischer.com

It is hard to gain, easy to lose. Are you under it or beyond it? Do you want to get out of it? Defy it? Exercise it? You could regain it, retain it, or relax it. We're talking about: regulating, operating, navigating, moderating, checking, surveiling. We're talking about control.

And we're talking about ANIKA. The way the German-British musician and DJ deals with control is fascinating. Her music makes tightly controlled use of creative tailspins, her songs and her live appearances reflect the joys of moving in a fixed framework – and then just losing it. When in the studio, ANIKA records live – three takes on tape, that's it. On stage, her performance is minimalist and mesmerizing, thus enhancing the mystery that surrounds her.

Since ANIKA released her debut album in 2010, backed by Portishead's Geoff Barrow and his band Beak>, her name stands for some of the most exciting music between dub and dance, between no wave influences and Nico timbre you could think of. For the KOOKOO night on July 10 at OHM Gallery, ANIKA will prepare a special DJ set of (un)controlled aloofness, strict laxity, and alluring wimpishness.

In this endeavour, ANIKA will be joined by a whole group of fine artists. Japanese painter NAOMI TAKAKI will exhibit a selection of drawings with a unique take on spontaneity, roughness, and repetition. João Pais and Christian Graupner a.k.a. HUMATIC present an audio-visual installation created in a collaborative effort. The long time KOOKOO collaborators YUKIHIRO TAGUCHI and CARLY FISCHER will also contribute to the overall experience with their video projections and a light box installation.

We're talking about control here. And about the art of letting go... up to a point where you can't be sure if there ever was something like focus, countenance, self-control – you just don't know anymore because you're so immersed into experiencing the here and now. Quite like the »Lady Scarface« Lydia Lunch tells us about on her famous Queen Of Siam record from 1980: if i had control i didn't feel any yet...

By the way, with this out-of-control amazing line-up we celebrate our birthday: 6 years of KOOKOO. So don't play hard/easy to get. Never mind if you lose it completely. Just forget about it – let's go KOOKOO!