23.09.2015, 23:00

OHM - TRADE - Wife (live) + Lotic (DJ set) + Dis Fig (DJ set) & Calore x Sad

Flyer für: OHM - TRADE - Wife (live) + Lotic (DJ set) + Dis Fig (DJ set) & Calore x Sad
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On 23 September the first Trade event is going down at OHM. Trade is supposed to bring people, performers and DJs together united by music in a cozy place to stimulate encounter, eye-contact and shoulder-and-other-body-parts-rubbing.

For our premiere, we're stoked to announce WIFE will provide us with a live set to kick off the night, followed by the great Lotic and Dis Fig on their typically ear-opening and convention-shattering DJ sets.

Time to hang out, crowd the bar and toilets, and let these artists show what is up on the musical spheres.

WIFE | Tri Angle Records

Trade will mark the first WIFE performance in Berlin in over 2 years, during which time WIFE has released a debut album on Tri-Angle records, and toured throughout Europe, the US and Japan. He's developed his craft quite a bit since his performance at CTM festival in 2013 and we're excited to see how things have changed since then.

Lotic | Janus / Tri Angle Records

Lotic is probably one of the best known and most interesting Producers in Berlin right now. He's been playing shows all over the world, released a fantastic EP on Tri Angle Records earlier this year and recently supported Björk at her Berlin show. His DJ Sets are arguably some of the most fun you can have on a Berlin dancefloor.

Dis Fig | New York

Dis Fig transplanted from New York to Berlin a year ago and is now a resident on Berlin Community Radio as one half of the new radio show, CALL DIBS. Her sound touches on a variety of club genres, united through the same feelings of dark, heavy emotion and wild, restless percussion, with an added sprinkle topping of rap and r&b vocals. Her sets connect the dots between street culture and the forward sounds of the world wide web.

CALORE | New York

Native New Yorker Calore (also known as Tigga Calore) was born & raised in downtown NY, she made a name for herself as a performer, DJ and fashion icon. Calore’s music and style is like no other. From her sass to ovaness she has definitely shown over the years that she is and still is
a legend in her own right. Self named Calore career started over 10 years ago in downtown NYC, she identified as a fashion icon at a young age and then grew to be a innovator and trend setter for all artist coming out of downtown NYC in the past 5 years. Whether it be fashion or music Calore’s got it!!