08.07.2022, 17:00

Oxi Club - [Endlich] - Festival for Sound and Club Experiments - Free Entry

Flyer für: Oxi Club - [Endlich] - Festival for Sound and Club Experiments - Free Entry
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[Endlich], the free festival for sound and club experiments, returns for its second year, this time taking over the garden and club of OXI near Ostkreuz.

The focus remains firmly on the intersection of sound art, club music and visual art. Among many wonderful artists we will be presenting the Berlin debuts of Rama, Beau Beaumont fka Breakwave (live), Yogev Freilichman (live), Ziyiz (live) and an exclusive first-time performance from Elvin Brandhi + Hugo Esquinca (live).

The program will start at 5pm on Friday in the Garden and move indoors in the club from 10pm until 8am Saturday.

The entire event is free. No advance tickets are available. Come early to avoid queues. Friendly door policy.

[Endlich] is funded by Musicboard Berlin GmbH.


Baby Vulture (Concentric Records)

Born in Mexico, Daniela Huerta is a multimedia artist based in Berlin. Huerta has developed her own multi-layered and eclectic form of DJ-ing, thus exploring modes of storytelling that shift between the real and the imaginary. When she raises her many voices it is like a call, pure, long and throbbing. She digs, she excavates. In an almost archeological manner, she keeps searching for distinct tones and noises that she turns into transportive collages where fragments of sound, space, and time come together.

Beau Beaumont live (Meine Nacht)

Beau Beaumont (FKA Breakwave) is a Liverpool-based sound artist and composer, exploring the realms of sonic ecology, minimalism and acousmatic exchange. Alongside recent performances, scores, solo exhibitions and commissions for the likes of The Royal Opera House, Tate Gallery and NTS Radio, Beaumont has been developing her interest in synthesis, field recording and installation-based works in unconventional locations. In the past, she has worked with Tate Gallery, Red Bull Music and Resident Advisor on the co-curation of mixed media events; installation based works and has been invited as a panel member for BBC Radio 6, Mixmag Magazine, International Music Summit and Red Bull Music.

Ursula Sereghy live (Gin & Platonic)

With a background in playing jazz and formative years of playing saxophone in a live band, Prague-based Ursula Sereghy stepped out of the hustle to focus, all while becoming a regular at the local Synth Library Prague. A space where she found the support of the musically and politically like-minded and could nourish her newfound passion for experimenting with machines and exploring the limitless possibilities of sound design. An extensive period of voluntary detachment from everyday life during the pandemic gave rise to the stunningly confident debut album 'OK Box' fabricated by this dark horse of a producer and released on Czech imprint Gin & Platonic

Yogev Freilichman live (Failed Units / Zabra)

Yogev Freilichman is a Dead Sea based music producer and sound designer, and a lecturer for sound design and composition in the new music department at the “Musrara” art school. In his work Yogev explores and combines computer improvisation, modern ritual aspects, digital aesthetics and eclectic textures. His artistic vision is about seeking live and unexpected outcomes with sound as a digital medium.


Carne (Failed Units)

Carne is the French-born, Berlin-based founder of the experimental bass music label Failed Units. He weaves several singular threads across his output as a label curator and a DJ, attempting to piece together a world where disparate forces collide and co-exist.

Ziyiz live (Failed Units)

Ziyiz is a collector of music, objects and images from the UK, who retrieves invocations of sound design from another world. Released on Failed Units, Ziyiz is known for wild live performances, surreal world building and cutting edge sonics.

Elvin Brandhi + Hugo Esquinca live

Elvin Brandhi is an improvising lyricist, producer and sound artist from Bridgend, Wales, who builds aberrant beats from field recordings, tape, vinyl, instrument and voice. Using sound and voice as an expansive language transgressing intrinsic systemics and inherited syntactical etiquettes, her live shows are unyielding bursts of erupting animation where her caustic stream of consciousness cavorts with restless, glitched out heaviness.

Hugo Esquinca’s research-as-intervention/intervention-as-research in sound focuses on exploring different degrees of exposure to erratic processing techniques, indeterminate occurrences, spectral de-gradation, abrupt irritation, the potential of involuntary modifications, opaque functioning and excessive levels of amplification.

TCV live (76666 / Failed Units)

TCV is a Berlin based multi instrumentalist and music producer. His tracks showcase digitally heavy, brute soundscapes full of uncompromising rhythm and melody. Drawing inspiration from classic genres like gabber and industrial, TCV articulates a sound that is highly abrasive but often surprises with harmonic variety.

Rama (irsh)

Cairo based Rama is a DJ and co-founder of video series and label irsh. She hosts a monthly show on Noods Radio and is a resident DJ at VENT. Rama is known to draw from a wide variety of sounds, including bass music, jungle and rap.

He duh (capsule berlin)

Being heavily involved in the bass music scene in Berlin, He duh always serves you with the hardest hitting kicks and the sexiest vocals there is. After joining the Capsule Berlin team in 2021, as well as organising club events and raves, she has expanded her taste to a cross-genre mix of breakbeat, ghetto tech, jungle, electro, gabber and booty bangers with fast-paced drums. For her, it’s impossible to stick to one genre, cause that’s obv boring - duh.