03.08.2019, 23:00

Paloma - Idiothek w/ Minijob & Nathalie Capello

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Minijob (MNJ)
Nathalie Capello
Bongsy (Idiothek, Stützpunkt)

On this Saturday night Idiothek is taking over Paloma for a full-on disco fueled party right at Kotti. The French trio Minijob, who are known for their extended closing sets and infamous raves in secret locations, are playing one of their signature style sets full of secret weapons and powerful hymns. Nathalie Capello will open the night and set the tone with some groovy and fingerwhistle-worthy tunes to get you sweating from the very start. Idiothek‘s host Bongsy is on closing duty, delivering the hottest tracks for a Sunday‘s sunrise.