06.01.2023, 22:00

Paloma - beatrausch Brigade

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bryta (roots) -
emily (://about friend) - mixcloud.com/emily-keslar
peacy peus (ciao planet) -ciaoplanet.bandcamp.com

radio&fernseh -

beatrausch is kickin off ‘23 with a comeback at one of our most played venues. palomabar feels like our living room and natural habitat. the beatrausch brigade is an ever evolving and changing conglomerate of friends, partners and sheroes. BRYTA was first met behind the counter of well known record store hhv and was always ready to guide one with a good tip and a huge smile. her sets are a great mix of disco and house with lil sideways to connected genres and always serving that uplifting feeling you seek in a night out. something you can also be asure of the music played by EMILY. the semi-resident at ://about blank has a deep love for 90s house and brightens her sets with blends of proto house and boogie. the vinyl-enthusiast manages to create a certain warmth with her sets that makes everyone feel welcome on the dancefloor. PEACY PEUS created a new persona during lockdown. he is not only a dj and graffiti fan, but also eveolved from a bedroomproducer to a labelboss. together with his buddy Lakehead (of strictly-fame) Peacy founded the label CIAO PLANET and besides two releases (for now) the two house-heads dropped some eyecatching merch that underlines their production ethos - uncompromising banger. last but not least is marco krueger aka RADIO&FERNSEH. we stumbled upon his musical side by purchasing a mix-cassette of his at hhv mixing rnb, uk-breaks and house and enjoyed it a lot. shortly after he popped up ok oir radar at a panorama bar event. it was then we got aware that he is responsible for some of these awesome dj promo shots circulating on instagram. because beside being a music and vinyl addict, marco is a talented photographer. we are so happy to be back at paloma again to showcase you some of our favourite djs and selectors.