08.04.2023, 22:00

Paloma - Paradise Mirage

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Let’s dive into the 1980s New York club culture and bring back the original sound from the early days of Dance Music and from a place called the Paradise Garage. A former parking garage, which was soon to be transformed to one of the most important and influential clubs in the world.

Musically, the of the Garage sound was highly influenced by places like The Loft of David Mancuso. Mancuso required that the music played had to be soulful, rhythmic, and impart words of hope, redemption, or pride.

In this spirit, our DJ’s bring on lots of the original Disco and House records, played by Larry Levan, Nicky Siano, Frankie Knuckles and others at the time - as well as some of the the many records that followed as the musical aftermath, and which would possibly be played there today.

DJs: Phonon, Spöki, International Bauer