18.06.2022, 18:00

Paloma - Lost Control + Paloma present Luke Eargoggle B2B Black Eyes all nite long

Luke Eargoggle (Stilleben, Sweden )
Black Eyes (NTS Radio, UK )

The 7th Dimensiøn portal is opening once again, but this time in Berlin. We are joining forces with Paloma Bar for a special all-nite long back 2 backin' on the hyrdo-slabs of futuristic fluid-steel.

Black Eyes is teaming up with Luke Eargoggle for a night of interdimensiønal portal plasma.

Expect the most aquarius sub-aquatic electro, cybernetik techno from the 2092 red planet rave era + the most hydro-trippin deep house of Atlantis that we could bring back with us through the portal from the year 2097.

Grab your scuba gear, jump in the portal and let's tear some shit up.


(This event has been approved by The Interdimensiönal Government Of Dance and The Time Travel Accuracy Department in accordance with keeping the current timeline flow correct)