18.10.2019, 22:00

Paloma - Not The News: Juan Ramos (Cocktail d'Amore), Curious Paul

Flyer für: Paloma - Not The News: Juan Ramos (Cocktail d'Amore), Curious Paul
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FRI.18.10.2019 - 22:00

Juan Ramos (Cocktail d'Amore, ESP Institute)
Curious Paul (Possible Futures)

Kottbusser Tor


The human mind does have its own fine means to give way to drama, doesn’t it? It clings on to whatever it can, and takes the most unexpected forms of desire.

Reading the news nowadays often feels like a parody of human behaviour. Kids acting like leaders and leaders acting like kids. The most dramatic forms of the mind compiled and made manifest right in front of our eyes. It is the most exquisite form of entertainment, the most insidious distraction away from our fleeting condition.

Turn off that damn TV set, and head to the place they call Paloma for this third edition of Not The News. This time around, music is courtesy of fine selector Juan Ramos and eclectic specialist Curious Paul.

“You don’t have to put anything down, just find what’s up for you.” – Ram Dass

Juan Ramos

Puerto Rican-American DJ and producer Juan Ramos currently resides in Berlin. As manager and resident DJ of Discodromo’s fabled Cocktail d’Amore party he has created a niche for himself at the vanguard of finely curated music that explores a vast range of styles and eras. His reputation for elusive mixing and fearless selection has earned him coveted spots in premier clubs and events across Europe and the US.

As a producer, Juan showcases a sophisticated, vivid, and highly textured style, drawing upon a deep wealth of musical references, has garnered Juan praise from revered tastemakers such as Japanese author and musicologist Chee Shimizu.

The past two years have been the most productive year so far for the young talent as he released his highly anticipated debut album via ESP Institute, as well as new material from GreenVision and his first solo outing on homefront label Cocktail d’Amore Music.

Curious Paul

"Dancing and singing are some of the most potent forms of therapy.” says Curious Paul.

The eternal act of dancing is one of the most active form of contemplation. Facing our own selves in the mirror of movement, we realise that we indeed are reflections of one another at all times. Compassion forms, tensions dissolve to give way to love and kindness.

DJing for the past 15 years, Curious P. has witnessed the wildest fauna and flora the great nocturnal jungle has to offer. Through his own record label, Possible Futures, he shares his therapeutic musical blends and invites his favorite artists and influences to Berlin for his bi-monthly Aquarian Shift dance session at OHM.