21.08.2019, 23:00

Paloma - DOWN - Eric Cloutier All-Night Summer Soiree

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Summer is coming to a close slowly but surely, but Berlin, being the troublesome little critter that is, isn't giving up just yet! We've had 39ºC days followed by 14ºC ones, sunshine that just wont let up as a main course with a thunderstorm for dessert, and we've all collectively shaken our fists at the lack of air conditioning in this city for the last few months. If there's any one therapy that everyone has enjoyed, however, its finding a vibe with some of our closest friends, having a dance, and listening to killer tunes - something universally revered as "the best medicine," after laughter, of course.

After a couple months of guests I've decided to helm the controls at Paloma in August solo for another all-nighter of me digging through copious amounts of vinyl and bringing you the finest of deep house and techno jams (and some wonky ambient stuff here and there). We'll keep the later start at 23h (11p) so you can all enjoy those last bits of sunshine, but never forget that the terrace at Paloma is exceptionally comfortable AND it pipes the choonz outdoors, albeit at a low volume. See you soon for another dance!

August 21st, 2019
Eric Cloutier (Palinoia, The Bunker NY Detroit)
All-Night Summer Soiree
Paloma Bar - Skalitzer Straße 135
23h (11p) - 5€