27.01.2023, 22:30

Paloma - Spessart II Tape Release

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Originally born in days of a global lockdown, Johannes Albert gets ready for a second round of Ambient music. "Spessart II" follows the footprints of its predecessor and keeps things mostly quiet yet very thrilling at the same time. Starting off with "Frischling" the beat maker takes us on a calm synth trip through his home forest Spessart, using wild boar - Wildschwein - vocabulary all the way. Sparks of early Downbeat ("Gewaff"), even Trip Hop ("Überläufer") and instrumental Sade ("Leitbache") occur in the well balanced 8 track album. Johannes' dad Rudi adds to the vibe playing the Jagdhorn on "Keiler". If you like the band "The Art Of Noise" you will most likely love this too.

Johannes will play his album LIVE and Tapes are for sale. Come early - Set time 22:30-23:30