30.11.2019, 23:00

Paloma - Voices with Nature Boy (aka Milo Johnson, DJ Nature)

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Nature Boy (aka Milo Johnson, Dj Nature - NYC)
Alex Voices

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DJ Nature/Natureboy began releasing music on his own, « Ruff Disco » records back in 1990 in NYC. Due to his job as record buyer for a Japanese store at that time, he became acquainted with most of the New York based record labels that were popular then, such as Nu Groove; Easy Street; Elegal; Emotive etc . Since also having linked up with Ray Barney of Barney's distribution of Chicago around the same time, he was fortunate to have access to a lot of the great records in the golden age of the house music genre. His work also took him into the clubs and records stores of that era such as Vinylmania; Downtown Records; Dance Tracks, and clubs such as Better Days ,Choice (Larry Levan), Sound Factory (Louie Vega), Shelter (Timmy Regisford, Body& Soul Danny Krivit, Francios Kevorkian & Joe Claussell), Save the robots, Red Zone (David Morales), Zanzibar (Tony Humphries) etc. After setting up his own small label (Ruff Disco Records ) his tracks were played on Kiss FM by Tony Humphries which gained licensing deals to Black Label NYC (a subsidiary of Elegal records) and Tomato Records U.K with the Ruff Disco E.P Vol 1 and Necessary Ruffness Vol 1 & 2. Around 1992 Natureboy stopped production on the project. In 2010, he picked up the project again through Phil South's "Golf Channel recordings" (NYC) and Jazzy Sport (Japan) under the name Dj.Nature.

Currently DJ Nature/Nature boy has released previously unreleased Nature boy tracks from 1992-1994 and previously released tracks for the same time. Dj.Nature recently started his own FWD EVR (forward ever) Label With the first release Conflicted Interests E.P. Latest release includes Comforting Fantasy's E.P. on Futureboogie Recordings . Future releases will be "Signs Of the Sun" on Ripperton's Zendama Compilation and Music Moves Me (Remix) on Dead Horse records with an album to follow next year on his own label.

DJ Alex Voices will warm up proceedings...continuing on the 'Voices' parties here at Paloma Bar...so let your feet move and of course we encourage you to 'Raise Your Voices'...