31.07.2019, 21:00

Paloma - oqko and Zone Collective at Paloma

Flyer für: Paloma - oqko and Zone Collective at Paloma
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Becoming Real (Live)
Lukas Grundmann (Dj set)
MOUTH (Dj set)
smog x astvaldur (Dj set)

doors open 9pm
Entrance: TBA


Becoming Real

Becoming Real explores the Japanese demon folklore of the Yokai. Hallucinatory audio sigils conjure apparitions from deep archaic spaces in empty cities - ghost-scapes that float in the air. Becoming Real's music always alluded to other worlds that sleep in the reflections of steel buildings and glass walls. With his new ep - 'Mist Face' he goes a step further, inviting us into these portals and dragging Japanese demon mythology into them with us - giving the listener both a cathartic and haunting experience.


Lukas Grundmann

In his sound installations, performances, and compositions Lukas Grundmann explores relations between medium and message, signal and noise, temporality and sound. He is co-organizing Cashmere Radio and is involved in the radio shows Macy Conference (with STRFLD Simulation) and Chronopolis (show for generative music).


LAF Tebano is musician/ visual artist who’s abrasive off the cuff approach to musical composition radiates nihilist fantasy worlds and morbid day dreams of death. His agro electronic, futurist punk is dotted with hooks and dry vocals that bind together the spluttering blasts of haunted distortion heavy samples.
Tebano’s visual art practice often merges aesthetic styles
from different periods to create a sense timelessness and
disorientate ones concepts of change and progress. These
tropes are also evident in his performances where songs are
delivered with the enchanting visceral energy of an industrial age band.



Like a mouth of a waterfall

smog x astvaldur

Operating on the fringes of experimental club music, techno and grime. astvaldur explores the fine composite of sound design, broken patterns and club influenced schemes.

Using electroacoustic methods combined with digital and analogue processing, smog's approach takes roots in a diversity of styles such as: techno, industrial, percussion based music as well as ambient where ethereal soundscapes navigate between distorted metallic noise and flittering overtones.


oqko functions as a self

ZONE Collective is a music and arts collective based in Berlin, Copenhagen and Glasgow.