18.07.2021, 12:00

Plötze - Tropicalia by Pornceptual - Open Air

Projekt Gestalten,
Laura de Vasconcelos,
Grace Kelly

Going back to its roots as a Brazilian art collective - Pornceptual will honor the Tropicalismo movement in Brazil and host an event that mixes electronic music with performance art. Tropicalia was a cultural movement from the 60s that presented art as a form of political expression in Brazil, celebrating free expression. Pornceptual will bring this reference and invite different Berlin-based Brazilian queer artists to host a summer event.

| MUSIC by |
Projekt Gestalten [House Set]
Laura de Vasconcelos
Grace Kelly

Theme Related Outfit
Latex, Leather, Lace
Erotic/Fetish Outerwear

As a safety measure, we have limited capacity. For that reason, we recommend guests to purchase tickets in advance as we won't have door sales.


Help us keep this event safe by respecting the guidelines, safety measures, and others around you. If you are feeling unwell, please, protect staff and other visitors by staying home.

* All guests must register in the corona app "LUCA", so please download the app onto your phone (and bring a power bank if you're planning to stay longer.)
* Bring a negative Corona test or proof of full vaccination.
* Please wear your FFP2 or medical mask at the entry, on the dance floor, and in the waiting lines.
We would like to welcome all music lovers to our event, if you have any disability, or insufficient funds, please contact us before the event.

| PHOTOGRAPHY | Strictly no photography allowed.