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Polygon - House in Space

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Flight #003 34 Hours :: 3-Floors

In the beginning there was Jack. Jack flew far into space, searching for the most groovy house. And while viciously lookin’ into a distant galaxy, Jack finally found and declared, 'Let there be House in Space!'

30 DJs & Live Acts :: powered by Funktion-One ::
4 Showcases: Golden Times / Move & Connect + Nie Wieder Schlafen + LTMD / Obsolet + Sound of Utopia

Hector Couto (Roush Label, Saved, Moon Harbour)
Kotelett&Zadak (Bar 25 Music, URSL, Katermukke)
SoKooL (Obsolet , Bordel Des Arts )
FreedomB (Toolroom Records, Knee Deep In Sound)
Cook Strummer - Live! (Get Physical Music)
LILLY & KAZAN (Matinee Istanbul, Sound of Utopia)
DJ Apoena B2B Zenta Skai (Zaijenroots)
Yes'in (Cosmo records, Finow Zoo)
Barber - Live! (Faceless Recordings)
Max Joni (Obsolet, LTMD)
Mutlu San / Bärtaub (R&S Records) B2B Rinaldo Makaj (RORA)
Valentin - Live! (Real Love Fantasy)
KHMGNFF (Finow Zoo)
ONNI (Sound of Utopia)
mukki&mina. (Obsolet, LTMD)
Philadelphia Gaus (Beat Effect)
Ama:rú (Nie Wieder Schlafen)
Coco the Coconut (Asociación Freedonia Barcelona)
Hagel B2B Osscuro (Move & Connect)
Hochholzner B2B Miguel Rodriguez (Golden Times)
Konchord - Live! (Nie Wieder Schlafen)
Konstantin Olias (LTMD, Süss. War Gestern)
trustless (Nie Wieder Schlafen)
Nowhere People (Sound of Utopia)
Malte Gutmann (Sound of Utopia)
Kabadayi (Sound of Utopia)

. [Saturday 08-13] Golden Times meets Move & Connect .
・゚ [Saturday 13-18] Nie Wieder Schlafen ・゚
* [Saturday 18-02] LTMD meets Obsolet *
・゚ [Saturday 22-end] Sound of Utopia ・゚

Special glitter makeup by Glitzersistas

Please Note
- Friday Night (23-08): €7 (Reduced) / €10 (Full)
- Daytime (Sat. until 22 & Sunday after 08): Free / €8
- Saturday Night (22-08): €12 (Reduced) / €15 (Full)
Register for FREE or Reduced Entry:
http://bit.ly/houseinspace003 (LIMITED availability)

This is part of Polyyard 5-day New Year's Festival:

Your support on RA is much appreciated:

Jack says: 'In this house there shall be only the good vibes and best shades of house music. No one man owns this house — when you enter it becomes also your house. You may be black, white, Jew or gentile, it don't make a difference in this house!'

Artwork & Graphics: Malte Gutmann