18.11.2016, 20:00

Prince Charles - Family Reunion | Floating Points, Hunee, Red Greg & more

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It´s been ten years. Ten years of friendship and love for the music that drives us and the musicians who create it. So many memories & people to thank along the way, who helped & inspired J.A.W. Born and raised in Paris, we found a second home in Berlin. Some new friends too. After over a decade on earth, it feels right to celebrate with you all & a bunch of artists who matters for J.A.W. A way to say thank you for all these great moments we had so far. So let´s gather in November during six rendez-vous around music, the love of vinyl, friendship, good food & natural wine. This is Family Reunion.

Carlos Nino (Spaceways_LA) dj set
Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids (Strut_San Fransisco) live
Floating Points (Pluto_London)
Hunee (Rushhour_Amsterdam)
Red Greg (Z Records_London)

Idris Ackamoor - alto sax, tenor sax, tap dance, percussion
Kimathi Asante - electric bass
Heshima - acoustic bass
Sandy Poindexter - violin
Babatunde Lea - drums, vocals, percussion

Soulfood | Natural Wine | E&S Mixer | Exhibition | Record Fair
More Info coming soon

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