14.08.2021, 14:00

Revier Südost - Newcomer Day at Baergarten curated by rRoxymore

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Bei uns im Baergarten findet die vom Musicboard Berlin geförderte Veranstaltung: "Newcomer Day" statt. Um neben den etablierten Berliner Künstler:innen auch dem Nachwuchs eine Bühne zu geben, werden sechs Berliner DJ’s aus den unterschiedlichen Richtungen der elektronischen Musik die Patenschaft für jeweils einen Veranstaltungstag übernehmen.

Diesen Samstag macht rRoxymore den Auftakt, gemeinsam mit ihren drei ausgewählten Newcomern Acidinfinky, Äggi Blu und Indigo Plateaux.

Kommt vorbei und genießt den frischen Sound mit guten Drinks und heißer Pizza!

Samstag 14.08.2021
Baergarten @Revier Südost
ab 14:00 Uhr
Eintritt 3€


The event "Newcomer Day", sponsored by the Musicboard Berlin, will take place at our Baergarten. In order to give newcomers a stage alongside established Berlin artists, six Berlin DJs from different areas of electronic music will each take on the mentorship of one day of the event.

This Saturday rRoxymore will kick things off, together with her three selected newcomers Acidinfinky, Äggi Blu and Indigo Plateaux.

Come by and enjoy the fresh sound with good drinks and hot pizza!

Saturday 14.08.2021
Baergarten @Revier Südost
from 14:00
Admission 3€

Whether on stage, on record or deep in the collaborative process, the musical lexicon of rRoxymore develops with frequency and pace. As respected for her esoteric, offbeat club records as her semi-improvised live performances, the sheer expansiveness at the heart of rRoxymore’s work has marked her as a vital artist on the fringes of contemporary club culture.

rRoxymore’s sound may radically evolve, yet her principles as an artist remain rooted in experimentation, community and a committed social consciousness. This approach is shot through the bands and DJ booths of her youth, her longstanding residency with Berlin collective Room 4 Resistance, her position as a core artist on UK label Don’t Be Afraid, and projects in tandem with artists from alternative and queer culture, like Planningtorock and Decon/Recon. Pushing forward to larger and more diverse audiences with her music, yet possessed of the clarity of vision and humble urge to experiment, rRoxymore continues to be defined only as an artist who exists outside of common boundaries.

A. Fink aka Acidfinky (she/they) is a German/Algerian DJ and producer based in Berlin. She is one of the co-founders of BLVSH, a FINTA-only collective. Together they aim at the diversification of the electronic music scene by publishing a weekly podcast, curating events and teaching beginners how to mix. You can catch her every eight weeks on THF Radio with her show « Twisting Knobs ».

Äggi Blu is a Korean-born DJ who takes great joy in weaving contrasting energies into an immersive narrative—sometimes with a tongue in cheek. Her selection is as wide as her BPM-range, often featuring techno, house, and drum and bass, with an occasional sprinkle of k-pop. She is also a co-founder of Un:seen, an intersectional party and zine collective based in Berlin.

DJ, producer, dancer, raver, spiritual healer, and drag queen. Indigo Plateaux is the latest venture from Jared Hines (A Band Called Flash), and delivers an eclectic mix of high energy intellectual techno, house, and break-beat tracks that send any and all dance floors into complete frenzy. Raised by an avid record collector and DJ father, conceived in Paradise Garage, and mentored by the Berlin rave culture, Indigo Plateaux continues the legacy of queer, black excellence in Techno and House.

Revier Südost
Schnellerstraße 137
12439 Berlin

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