18.03.2022, 23:55

Revier Südost - Planet Pleasure w/ Giammarco Orsini, John Dimas, Oshana *live

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Friday March 18th, 23:59 
RSO Berlin, Schnellerstraße 137, 12439 Berlin


Giammarco Orsini
John Dimas
Oshana *live
Thalo Santana

After another long hiatus, Planet Pleasure appears on the horizon, ready to be explored. The real world does not always adhere to logic. Sometimes down is up. Sometimes up is down. When you are lost, sometimes you are found. Satisfy your pleasure, open your scope and transcend into new adventures - every third Friday now departing from RSO.

On 18 March 2022, we will open the next chapter and hold the first event to reopen the RSO club. The gateway we will use to immerge into another sphere of reality. We will be guided through the sound scapes of Giammarco Orsini, John Dimas, Oshana *live, Sibil and our permanent dwellers Thabo and Thalo Santana.

Focus on the journey, not the destination.

Please follow the pleasure code to experience maximum joy:

1. Planet Pleasure is for everyone.
2. Every species from any galaxy is respected on this planet.
3. Any form of discrimination (e.g. racism, transphobia or sexism) will not be tolerated.
4. Delight and amusement are at the forefront of this planet.

If you are made to feel uncomfortable at any point please reach out to the awareness team on Planet Pleasure.

This is a weird time to announce something that we have been working on and looking forward to for so long. The team behind Planet Pleasure stands united against any form of violence and war. We want to show our solidarity to the people of Ukraine by donating 50% of all earnings to Ukraine Hilfe Berlin e.V., which organizes the collection and logistics of relief supplies in Berlin and their delivery to Ukraine.

This is a 2G+ event, vaccine and same day test or proof of recovery is required.