10.07.2015, 23:55

Ritter Butzke - CRAVE w/ Carlos Sanchez, Jens Bond & Jacob Phono, Ferdinand Dreyssig a.o.


* Carlos Sanchez (Poker Flat, Overall Music, La Vie En Rose)
* Jens Bond & Jacob Phono (Highgrade, Area Remote, Intacto)
* Ferdinand Dreyssig (Get Physical, Goodlivin)
* Danni B (Collage Audio, CRAVE)
* Luis Hill (Goodlivin, CRAVE)

In July we release our inner snakes and bring another exquisite selection of international and national artists to the dungeon we call Ritter Butzke. Head-snake from Spain is Carlos Sanchez, who’s constant outflow of quality beats on labels such as Poker Flat, 8bit, Overall Music and La Vie En Rose never seizes to amaze us. The Berlin-based serpents in our midst are Jens Bond & Jacob Phono who are known for their groovy poison on Highgrade, Area Remote, Bla bla, Intacto, and many more. Furthermore, we have Ferdinand Dreyssig who is turning out to be a Berlin household name when it comes to quality club sound, with releases on Get Physical and Respoal Schallware. As per usual, the two Cravesters Danni B and Luis Hill are doing their toxic thing. So kids, bring your antivenom, infections are very likely.