24.07.2015, 19:00

Ritter Butzke - Hijackin' – 2nd Anniversary & The Last Dance w/ Session Victim, Lucretio (live), Homeboy (live), Snuffo (live), Kim Brown, Snacks (live)

Flyer für: Ritter Butzke - Hijackin' – 2nd Anniversary & The Last Dance w/ Session Victim, Lucretio (live), Homeboy (live), Snuffo (live), Kim Brown, Snacks (live)
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SESSION VICTIM (Retreat / Delusions Of Grandeur)
Lucretio 'live (Restoration / Hypercolour)
Homeboy 'live (House Is Ok / Wolf)
Snuffo 'live (Snuff Crew / Burek)
Kim Brown (Just Another Beat / Permanent Vacation)
Snacks 'live (Magic Jams / Pusic)
Dairmount (Room With A View / Hijackin’)
Jves (Aim / Hijackin’)
Tim Vitá (Local Talk / Hijackin’)

There are thirteen steps upon the ladder that leads to eternity and it is maybe not a coincidence if Jack wanted to offer one last dance with this 13th session. One last dance to close a crazy ball of two years of a magnificent tribute of the inception of House Music tainted of deep Soul, Funk & Disco influences. Two years of raw & vivid soundtrack delivered by international disciples and Berlin devotees echoing soundscapes of Chicago, Detroit, London or Paris. From respected old schoolers to unavoidable fresh talents, Jack made it full circle. Completion & totality.

Rarely, Berlin saw such an honest combination of left-field & black rooted House music under one roof. The sweat, the bass, the smiles of Ritter Butzke's floors. And all the amazing artists that jammed in full generosity, sharing a magic potion of bubbling Hip Hop culture, adventurous beat programming and classic House & Techno marvels. All united by authenticity, musicality, identity and their unconditional love of the analogue gods. Drum Machines, MPC's, synths or vinyls, the children of the Holy Groove have been sharing it with you:

Ada, A Guy Called Gerald, Andre Lodemann, Andy Hart, Arttu, Borrowed Identity, Boska, Carlo, Charlie Smooth, Credit 00, Cuthead, CutOff!CutOffǃ, Dairmount, Daniel W. Best, Daniel Dexter, DJ Xing, Eddie C, Ekkohaus, El_Txef_A, Erdbeerschnitzel, Fabio Monesi, Filburt, Filippo Moscatello, FJAAK, Francis Inferno Orchestra, Glenn Astro, Good Guy Mikesh, Homeboy, Iron Curtis, Jacob Korn, Jacques Renault, Jay Shepheard, Jeremy Underground, Jimpster (Official), Johannes Albert, Jordan Peak, Jves, Kez YM (official), Kim Brown, KiNK, Kornél Kovács, Kresy, Kyodai, lovebirds, Luca Lozano, Lucretio, Matthias Meyer, Max Graef, Monkey Maffia, M.ono & Luvless, moomin, Moon&mann, Muff Deep, Murphy Jax, MUSK, Nano Nansen, Neue Grafik, Nicholas, Noema, Oliver Gehrmann, Paramida, Phon_o, Quarionn, Ralph & Larry Houl, Roberto Rodriguez, Roman Rauch, S3A Sampling As An Art, San Soda, Session Victim, SLG, Snacks, Snuff Crew, Soulphiction, soundstream, Tevo Howard, Tobias Gullberg, Washerman, Wbeeza, XAVER HIRSCH

For the last round, Jack recalled a bunch of this unique cast. The vinyl lovers in full effect: Session Victim and Kim Brown, two outstanding duos who keep spreading the deepness of their Disco gospel around the planet, but also Dairmount, the boss of Room With A View whose 20 years of DJing can be felt in every inch of his record bag as well as Jves, the Aim affiliated wizard.

On the live front, Jack had to finish with an analogue sound orgy representing perfectly the versatility of the Hijackin spirit: Lucretio, the incarnation of the respected Analogue Cops, Homeboy, the man behind House Is OK, Snuffo, the Berlin Acid king & Snacks, the rocket rising duo behind the underground anthem Purdie. One hell of a last dance hosted by the man who made everything happen with heart, dedication & vision: Tim Vitá.

Gorilla BBQ (winner of the famous Burgers & Hip Hop) will serve one of the best Berlin burgers from 7 pm in the yard.

Last but not least thanks loads to all these phenomenal people who made Hijackin’: Susan Kinsch, Kristian Kühn, Xaver Hirsch, Phil Darimont, Jan-Kristof Lipp, Louise Amelie, Thomas Bakowski, Christian Müller, Henning Ziegler, Philipp Justus, Florian Schäfer, Jan Simon, Aleks Slota, Andrea Lavezzaro, Sebastian Mentz, Cicciolina, the whole Ritter Butzke Crew, all DJs and Live-acts and of course you! Jack will be back for sure…

All Jacks together!



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