25.05.2018, 00:00

Ritter Butzke - Retromania with Sascha Funke, Oliver Schories, Andreas Henneberg, Kiki

Sascha Funke (Bpitch Control / Kompakt)
Oliver Schories (SoSo / Hamburg)
Andreas Henneberg (The Glitz / Voltage Musique)
Kiki (Bpitch Conrol)
Channel X (Stil vor Talent)
Marcel Freigeist (Chasing The HiHat)
A.D.H.S. (Tanz aus der Reihe)
So What? (Wasted Unicorns)
In-Out LIVE (Monophobia / Elsewhere)
Chris Bonduránt (Monophobia / Freaky Monday)
Add A Line (Monophobia)
Ionah Inept (Monophobia / Section 8 )
Maurice Mino (Monophobia)
Retro (Wasted Unicorns)
+ Residents