28.07.2019, 12:00

SAGE BEACH - The HIGH Society | CSD Edition

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We are a secret queer society from Berlin’s underground. We create and promote spaces where people can be themselves, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, skin color or origin. Our motto is to be positively inclusive, a patchwork of likeminded Berliners and misfits from around the world finding their home in the city where it's fine to be different.

First there will be a gathering on a hot, steamy Sunday at the bank of Spree river in the heart of Kreuzberg. A dance-celebration in the sun, our bodies kissed by the wind, the soft sand under the feet. Colourful sexiness! Second, a hide-away in the darkness of the nearby bunker-club to do whatever comes to our dirty minds. Finally, as a special treat, multiple boat-rides around the city shocking strangers and being fabulous. A three-way event that will remain forever in our Summer stories and start a revolution.

Stay tuned to find out the faces of the queerminals behind this affair, one by one.

Lineup TBA