01.06.2019, 23:55

Salon - Zur wilden Renate - Savour The Moment w/ Eclair Fifi, Oliver Hafenbauer, Luz1e &more

Flyer für: Salon - Zur wilden Renate - Savour The Moment w/ Eclair Fifi, Oliver Hafenbauer, Luz1e &more
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Eclair Fifi (Lucky Me, Edinburgh)
Oliver Hafenbauer (Robert Johnson, Die Orakel)
LUZ1E (Lobster Theremin, Tabledance)
Telfort (TLFT, Edinburgh)
Marlon Hoffstadt (Savour The Moment, Midnight Themes)
Rose Bonica (Wet Dreams Recordings, Cape Town)
Mo Chan (Team Pommes, Berlin)
Philipp Schultheis (Savour The Moment, Guilty Pleasures)
Natureboy Gold (Common Narrative, Cashmere Radio)
Double A Battery Team (Savour The Moment)
Mita (Danube, Hannover)
Teeny Tercell (Gosh, Berlin)
Paul Pablo (Hallo Montag, Berlin)
Candi (Hexenballerbude, Berlin)
Evin (Hexenballerbude, Berlin)

The flight mode setting got its name derived by its originally meaning: You get asked before take-off to disconnect all electronic devices, so no signals can disturb the air travel. No known case of not switching your phone into flight mode has ever caused any problems while flying so far. But transferring the idea on a club night nowadays, your phone really is disturbing the signals:
Instead of swiping, shazaming and filming, you could make eye contact, feel the vibe, get in touch with like-minded people. Sensing the club night as a safe space, paired with a diverse line up, Savour The Moment invites you to a undisturbed flight.

For our June edition, awareness-president Marlon Hoffstadt comes up with some oohs and aahs as always. Coming over from the (still) United Kingdom, the two Scots Eclair Fifi and Telfort really are not stingy with a fluent mix of genres leading you to ecstasy. Please warmly welcome future star Luz1e as well as Robert Johnson talent scout Oliver Hafenbauer, both coming straight from Frankfurt, with a „Guuude“. Besides flourishing Cape Town plant Rose Bonica, you can also expect qualitative contributions by the Savour The Moment base: Resident and birthday boy Philipp Schultheis will beat you around the head with upfront high energy tunes, the Double A Battery Team causes charged short circuits with break beats á la bonne heure
and Natureboy Gold coping with a sophisticated balancing act between house and techno as usual.