09.03.2019, 23:55

Salon - Zur wilden Renate - Pretty/Ugly /w. Bawrut, Panthera Krause, Fabio Monesi & More

Flyer für: Salon - Zur wilden Renate - Pretty/Ugly /w. Bawrut, Panthera Krause, Fabio Monesi & More
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Bawrut /// ransom note records
Panthera Krause /// lobster theremin, riotvan
Fabio Monesi /// russian torrent, wilson
Younger Than Me /// 90s wax
Esther Duijn /// another earth, soulpeoplemusic
Madalba /// buttons
Kiara Scuro/// belamii
Ady Toledano /// riot, aaja
Samuel Gieben/// pretty/ugly
Niklas Niklasson /// sonnenallee
Ella /// from the block

Let's stay stupid: In the Green Room this month, the Leipzig-based house honcho Panthera Krause will be boosting the endorphin production, fresh off his new "Suddenly Human EP" and Uncanny Valley belter "Heppy". All the way from Madrid, he's joined by Bawrut, who likes it funky and techy and is representing with his new record for Pets Recordings along with killer EPs like "Rumba" for Ransom Note. Meanwhile, oscillating between rough hardware techno and Chicago house in the Black Room, London-based polymath Fabio Monesi, who is also on the road as Hissman, and recently released the witty "Say My Name" on his own imprint Wilson Records, as well as offerings for L.I.E.S. offshoot Russian Torrent Versions and Dixon Avenue Basement Jams, AND is joined by Esther Duijn and Buttons' resident Madalba! Phew! The Italian duo Younger Than Me, who just served up a fabulous EP between old-school techno and modern club sound on Tusk Wax after their start on Bordello A Parigi, are bringing the rave to the Red Room, along with London-based troublemakers Kiara Scuro and fresh from Tel Aviv, PAG veteran Ady Toledano, while Niklas Niklason and Ella sip on the Absinth. So long friends.