09.11.2018, 21:00

Salon - Zur wilden Renate - TrashEra X [10th Edition]

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《₳rT ₱er₣φrMan₵e》

Theatre >> Doos Open 9pm
Performance starts at 9:30pm (Sharp)


Reserve your ticket for this performance by e-mail: trash3ra@gmail.com
(tickets are also available at the door)


Performances >> Start 10pm

Acts by:

Olympia Bukkakis
Michele Clark
Catalin Jugravu
Laura Khalfi


《RΣD RφφM》

>> Starts 11pm


Swift [Wilde Renate Berlin]

Jacob Meehan [Buttons Berlin]

Kingsizebed [Vitamina Milano]

《₲rξξN RφφM》

>> Starts Midnight


Aerea Negrot [Bpitch Control Berlin]

Special Bitch Guest

Aswad DJ [TrashEra Berlin]

KH38 [G day Berlin]

《βlΛCK RφφM》

>> Starts 1am

Daniel Williams & Valentin Tszin present
TPM (Trash per Minute) [Dresden Berlin]

Mary Velo [Semantica Berlin]

Flavia Laus [TrashEra Berlin]

Came To Roost (LIVE) [Synoid Berlin]

Mamma Tehrani [TrashEra Berlin]

S Ruston [Lecken Berlin]

《$α₤σn dε ₴adε》

>> Starts 1am

Erta Ale + Aconite (ALL NIGHT LONG)



>> Starts 2am

Hosted by Collapsella

《Δ₣TεR ₱₳RTλ》

>> Starts 3pm SATURDAY

Lipstick Trash [TrashEra Berlin]

Deepneue [TrashEra Berlin]


A new DΔR₭RφφM awaits for you all down in the basement! Get ready for some action!


The misfit city of Berlin has become a haven for outsiders of the world - an unlikely collage of cultures and attitudes, 30 years after the fall of the wall.

As a place that ATTRACTS millions of people, TrashEra embodies attraction as our motto for this commemorative edition.

Attraction /əˈtrakʃ(ə)n/
1. a quality or feature that evokes interest, liking, or desire.
2. a place which draws visitors by providing something of interest or pleasure.

Let's do what pleases us. Let's be ourselves in our best versions, as we wish, whether it be only for that night or forever.

To celebrate 10 times trash, we decided to welcome you to our mission: flushing down borders in our genderless toilets, making love (not romance) inside the stalls and been queer as(s) fuck!

Come together, don't waste… get wasted! And don't forget… NO QUEUES, JUST LINES!

True to the spirit of the city, we want to offer a place for those who don't belong. Aesthetic juxtapositions and surprising collaborations will be popping off in all corners of the infamous Salon zur wilden Renate. Get ready! Be TRASH!