10.06.2017, 23:55

Salon - Zur wilden Renate - Voyage Voyage /w. Timothy J. Fairplay, Days Of Being Wild & more

Flyer für: Salon - Zur wilden Renate - Voyage Voyage /w. Timothy J. Fairplay, Days Of Being Wild & more
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Resident Advisor & Ticket Presale

Doors 23:55 /// Live Act 03:00

Timothy J. Fairplay /// crimes of the future, pinkman / uk

Days of Being Wild - live /// days of being wild / uk

Golden Bug /// la belle records, les disques de la mort / es

Kezokichi (official) /// blindetonation, my favorite robot / jp

diskJokke /// smalltown supersound / nor

Sofia Kourtesis /// chalet, ki records / bln

The Vandelays /// oye records, whiskey tango foxtrott / bln

22ROCKETS /// renate, voyager / bln

The Swift /// renate, voyager / bln

Ickar Flyer vs. Felene H. /// absynthe / bln

The void, Śūnyatā is like space. Now, space contains everything - the mountains, the oceans, the stars, the good people and the bad people, the plants, the animals, everything. The mind in us - the true mind - is like that. You will find that when Buddhists use the word 'mind' - they've several words for 'mind', but I'm not going into the technicality at the moment - they mean space. See, space is your mind. It's very difficult for us to see that because we think we're in space, and look out at it. There are various kinds of space. There's visual space - distance - there is audible space - silence - there is temporal space - as we say, between times - there is musical space - so-called distance between intervals, or distance between tones, rather; quite a different kind of space than temporal or visual space. There's tangible space. But all these spaces, you see, are the mind. They're the dimensions of consciousness. And so, this great space, which every one of us aprehends from a slightly different point of view, in which the universe moves, this is the mind.

Alan Watts - The World as Emptiness

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