18.01.2020, 23:55

Salon - Zur wilden Renate - Pretty/Ugly w. Afra, Baba Stiltz, Clandestino & More

Flyer für: Salon - Zur wilden Renate - Pretty/Ugly w. Afra, Baba Stiltz, Clandestino & More
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Afra // spielraum
Baba Stiltz // xl recordings
Chris Bowen X Stacy Christine // bears in space, LA
Clandestino // dj team
DJ TEETH // pretty/ugly
Miss Italia // tresor
PEAK & SWIFT // pretty/ugly, renate
Shingo Suwa // merkur, buttons
Telfort // tlft

For our first edition of the year we are super excited to welcome our friends all the way from LA, CHRIS BOWEN and STACY CHRISTINE, who along with Mr. VICTOR RODRIGUEZ form the infamous LA queer collective and party series BEARS IN SPACE. These two have been DJing together on the regular for a minute now, throwing down acid and electro like there’s no tomorrow which there won't be, at least until they stop playing. They are joined in the black room by our dear SHINGO SUWA, Buttons resident and man behind the esteemed Merkur Schallplatten, returning to P/U at last with his own special brand of techno bridging the sounds of Tokyo and Berlin, and Amsterdam’s latest export, the incredible AFRA - resident at SPIELRAUM and rising star of the Dutch scene, bringing her signature old Detroit electro and techno sound, mixed with booty, rave, trance and all kinds of other licks for good measure.

We are frankly knocked out to have DJ + vocalist BABA STILTZ in the house, who alongside luminaries such as SAMO DJ have come to represent the offbeat sound of Stockholm we just can’t get enough of. BABA is joined in the green room by P/U resident THE SWIFT alongside his longtime DJ boyfriend PEAK and Edinburgh-export TELFORT, who has been creating quite a splash with his stylish productions and knockout dj sets everywhere from Robert Johnson to his residency at Field Manoeuvers festival, including b2b sessions with Mr. MOVE D.

In the red room we are very proud to present our **NEW RESIDENT** DJ TEETH, local hero and international badboy DJ, fresh from his travels with Moscow's boundary-pushing queer rave POPOFF KITCHEN and HARDER in New York, Santi is known in Berlin and beyond as your go-to guy for absolutely slamming house and smartly-mixed, party-starting sets that will leave your jaw on the floor long after you have left it. Welcome aboard! Which just leaves one more thing: a 7-hour extended set from CLANDESTINO, the 3-strong dj team from Leeds, UK, who, as producers, promoters, and inimitable selectors, really need no introduction. Just dance.

And when it all gets too much, go get yourself a cocktail and relax to the soothing sounds of MISS ITALIA, esteemed queen of Tresor, who may or may not be playing a chillout ambient set in the absinth room, all night long.


We stand for freedom and diversity on the dancefloor, in the booth, and in general. This party is for and by people of different genders, sexualities, and ethnicities. We strive to create the kind of party that reflects who we are, who you are and brings people together through dance music. It’s time for racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and every other -ism, -phobia and thing that divides us - to end. Everyone who is down with this is welcome on our dancefloors.