21.03.2020, 23:55

Salon - Zur wilden Renate - Pretty/Ugly X Moustache Records w. David Vunk, Mick Wills & more

Flyer für: Salon - Zur wilden Renate - Pretty/Ugly X Moustache Records w. David Vunk, Mick Wills & more
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DAVID VUNK /// moustache records
Mick Wills /// phil e, gigolo
Eliott Litrowski /// moustache records
Natascha Kann /// ://about
Purita D. /// killekill
Sebastian Voigt /// renate
DJ TEETH /// pretty/ugly
Samuel Gieben /// pretty/ugly

We are back and we invited DAVID VUNK, owner of Moustache Records and Moustache Techno, and DJ and Producer for labels such as OMNIDISC, Bordello a Parigi, Electronic Emergencies, Creme Organization, Lunar Disko and many more, to take over the green room for one massive night with his fine fellow Moustache colleagues and associates ELIOTT LITROWSKI and MICK WILLS.

David Vunk is perhaps Rotterdam’s finest export, the “true beast of the harbour city", and the main man behind the ever-playful Moustache Records. On this fine imprint he drops his own ace tracks and collaborations with a wicked list of West-Coast honchos and synth freaks. Like all the most essential Dutch artists, David Vunk’s no frills, hype-free style is built on his own unique character and understanding. Genre doesn’t matter, and all that concerns him is dance floor impact and connecting with his dancers.

Eliott Litrowski, the French-born, Copenhagen-based producer defies the conventions of floor-calibrated music while opening the scope onto further meditation-friendly rhythms and abstract atmospherics. Debuting in 2013, his shrewd signature sound - an effervescing meshwork of Italo-Disco romantics, kosmische-informed electro, breaksy progs and EBM-tinged rhythmic outbursts, caught Vunk’s attention and brought him onto Moustache Records in 2018 via his 'Schmock Machine’ EP, and we are excited to have him here tonight!

Mick Wills started his DJ career in 1986 at the tender age of 14, playing at small private parties in his hometown in the south of Germany. In 1994, one night he played together with DJ Hell - Hell was so impressed he gave Wills the chance to spin in the legendary Ultraschall in Munich. He recorded his first tracks in 2001, and was signed immediately to Gigolo. His sets are described as ‘universal, global and neo-retrolectro’, switching between the cutting edge of today’s sounds and vintage Chicago, Detroit, Italo, Hi NRG, Wave, Acid and Electro, playing every set as if it was his last.

Joining our Moustachioed guests are local heroes NATASCHA KANN, PURITA D and SEBASTIAN VOIGT, while residents Samuel Gieben and DJ TEETH go back to back in the red room, all night long.


We stand for freedom and diversity on the dancefloor, in the booth, and in general. This party is for and by people of different genders, sexualities, and ethnicities. We strive to create the kind of party that reflects who we are, who you are and brings people together through dance music. It’s time for racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and every other -ism, -phobia and thing that divides us - to end. Everyone who is down with this is welcome on our dancefloors.

Let’s be moustache forever.