22.03.2019, 20:30

Salon - Zur wilden Renate - TrashEra [Shadows] | 4 Years Anniversary

Flyer für: Salon - Zur wilden Renate - TrashEra [Shadows] | 4 Years Anniversary
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《₱ r Θ ₲ r Δ ₥ 》


《₳rT ₱er₣φrMan₵e》

Theatre >> Doos Open 8:30pm
Performance starts at 9:15pm (Sharp)


Reserve your ticket for this performance by e-mail: office@trashera.berlin
(tickets are also available at the door)


Performances >> Start 10pm

Acts by:

Zeche [Zhenya Salinski Liina Magnea Tristan Rehbold]
Krzysztof Leon Dziemaszkiewicz
Casino Najee Rene
CRY-SIS Orion Dahling
Tsuki Berghain & TRACKs: Toilet Flower



《RΣD RφφM》

>> Starts 11pm

sciarada [Duma, The Collective Berlin]

Ady Toledano b2b Onio [RIOT/REIF Berlin]

Stella Zekri [Studio 69 Berlin]

《₲rξξN RφφM》

>> Starts 11pm

Lamb Kebab ft. SwitchHandz LIVE [Lady Killer Rap Berlin]

Trag Queen [Bpitch Control/TrashEra Berlin]

Lauren Flax [The Bunker New York New York]

Carmen 16 [Lecken Berlin]

Alex Cliche [Glow Berlin]

《βlΛCK RφφM》

>> Starts 1am

Trancemission LIVE by Deepneue [TrashEra Berlin]
(with Nicky Miller and visuals by Syrtha)


I₦$ΤΔ£Δ₮IΦN by VLK Berlin

Lipstick Trash [TrashEra Berlin]

Mareena [Tresor.Berlin (OFFICIAL) Berlin]

tamypro [Universe of Tang London, Berlin]

Donna Tellos [TrashEra Tel Aviv]

《AßS¥Nth RφφM》

Andre Fau [TrashEra Berlin] - ALLNIGHTLONG


>> Starts 2am

Hosted by Fábio M Silva

music by
Superstart Kunst DJ Collapsella
Marquis de Shade
Violet Dreams aka Emma Nolander

[The Real Housewives of Neukölln Berlin]

《βΔ$ε₥εNT FφφLR 》

[...] Get ready for some action !

Our DΔR₭RφφM is a Genderless, sex positive space - meaning that, literally every_body is welcome along with their practices and ways of pleasuring themselves and others under only one rule: CONSENT.

There will be an an AWARENESS TEAM, ran by Demetris Darras, making sure the space is safe for everyone at all times.

Please, in any case of harassment, abuse or even plain discomfort, report it to them/us.

And remember: Freedom is a Limited Space!

《Δ₣TεR ₱₳RTλ》

>> Starts 3pm SATURDAY

Syrtha [TrashEra Berlin]

Aswad DJ [TrashEra Berlin]

SlavisTON [TrashEra Berlin]


Lights by Michał ANdrysiak
Production: TrashEra EVENTS Geovane Pedro De Bortoli
Photo-shoot by Souad Hervé

RA EVENT: https://bit.ly/2EnydoB