22.06.2017, 18:00

Salon - Zur wilden Renate - Siblings: A benefit for our queer family in Chechnya

Flyer für: Salon - Zur wilden Renate - Siblings: A benefit for our queer family in Chechnya
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All proceeds go toward the Russian LGBT Network to help gay Chechens escape and relocate safely.

DJs: Discodromo, Wolfgang Tillmans, DJ Ipek, Warbear, Gloria Viagra, Perera Elsewhere, Khan of Finland, Joey Hansom, Larry & Yong, Sado Opera, kos_mic q'andi, Mikey Woodbridge, Icky, and Luz

Chechnya's systematic effort to kill off all its gay citizens has prompted international outrage, but so far, no governmental body has taken any substantial action to stop this "gay genocide". Although the death count is rising and disgusting details of torture are surfacing, there is some hope: the Russian LGBT Network, with branches in Moscow and 13 other cities throughout Russia, is helping targets in Chechnya to get the hell out of there and relocate safely – which, of course, costs money.

This benefit party brings an opportunity for Berliners to show solidarity. The city's multifaceted LGBTI and queer communities and our allies are coming together for one evening to make a positive impact: all proceeds collected at the entrance will be donated to the Russian LGBT Network.

To make sure the money goes where it's most needed, all costs are kept to a minimum: the participating DJs are waiving their usual payment, the Renate team is offering the venue rent-free, and Stefan Fähler and Philip Marshall have designed the poster without payment. We are working together with the Hirschfeld-Eddy Foundation to ensure that the money collected reaches the network effectively. We are also receiving support from Quarteera, Berlin's “queer auf russisch” organization, to assist with communication.

The contributing DJs will be playing on the main dancefloor inside Renate as well as in the garden outside. The party goes from 6 p.m. till midnight, at which point the regular club night QUER begins with DJ La Fraicheur and friends – our guests can stay later for free.