23.07.2022, 23:00

Salon - Zur wilden Renate - ★ S*A*S*H x Renate Berlin ★

Flyer für: Salon - Zur wilden Renate - ★ S*A*S*H x Renate Berlin ★
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S*A*S*H x Renate Berlin
The second stop of our SASH tour takes us into the deep depths of Berlin. Born from an unrenovated apartment building in Friedrichshainm, and known as one of Berlin’s best and most underground nightclubs in town, SASH teams up with Renate Berlin to bring you a master class of music across 3 rooms with a mixture of our favourite internationals, Berlin locals & Sydney SASH favourites.

The Green Room

A native of Gera, Dana Ruh has been firmly settled in Berlin for over a decade now, with Germany’s capital continuing to have a profound effect on her unique way of blending work and play, she’s as renowned for her wizardry behind the decks and she is for her talent in the studio.

We are excited to have some of our favourite music selectors join us from the heart of Berlin. Alexkid, the former Parisian turned Berliner is lauded by peers and fans alike for his production technique, and infamous on the circuit for his extensive collection of – and near-obsessive relationship with – machines.

Once a regular to SASH and its house music scene, Australia is where Stipé's first picked up the headphones and delved into a career with music. Heading back to Europe from down under, Stipe has been able to cement himself in the music scene in Frankfurt and the rest of europe with his productions and fierce selection.



The Red Room

Recently joining us in Sydney at our SASH long weekend, we’re stoked to be welcoming Nick Beringer back into the booth with us once again. It is often said of Nick Beringer that he is a defender of the good old Berlin style. What that means is instead of flashy tricks and effects-heavy sets, he locks people in with his perfect pacing, timely selections and long mixes of atmospheric house, dub techno and freakier electro.

Kerry Wallace, Cassette & Danni B will be flying both the Aussie & SASH flag, as they join this elite lineup providing a taste of Australia as they combine their unique sounds that we know so well to paint on a new canvas.

Nick Beringer

Kerry Wallace

Cassette & Danni B

The Black Room

Another Berlin based elite, It’s plain to hear Luis Velasco’s roots in his music. From his gritty, hard-grooving productions to his punchy selections in the club, the spirit of New York house and techno is deeply entrenched in every aspect of what he does.

All the way from Madrid, Mari.te is the next on this long list of legends to join us. After more than a decade of DJing Mari.te has developed her craft, delivering a twisted take on underground dance-floor sounds and leaving her mark on every city she visits with her enthralling and carefully curated DJ sets.

Australian-born and now Berlin-based, Katie Drover knows how to take people to that next level, injecting her performances with a captivating energy and passion that's made her an immediate standout wherever she plays. Arguably Australia’s best export and another that was a regular in our stables back home, we cannot wait to see what she brings to the table.



Katie Drover

Age 21+.
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