24.11.2016, 23:00

Salon - Zur wilden Renate - The House of Red Doors #6: Circus

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Rollllll up, Rollllll up!! Ladieeees and gentlemen....

The Bad Bruises circus is in town for one night only!

Immersive Theatre ✶ Music ✶ Art ✶ Sex ✶ Love ✶ Explore ✶ Respect

A sorry troupe of carnies & runaways has fallen upon The House, the nights have grown dark and cold and the circus is closed for winter. BUT they have found themselves a new playground where all their carnal desires can come true...

The circus has always been a chance to escape from reality into a surreal, subversive celebration of magic and mystery – Inside you’ll marvel and wonder at a new universe of Siamese twins, clowns, bearded ladies, acrobats, strongmen and lion tamers as they skulk through the sweaty, sexy bodies of Berlin …

Freaks, Geeks and the creatures of the night circus have united for this 6th and last instalment of 2016. Join us as we celebrate an amazing year!

"One of us, one of us, gooble gabble, ONE OF US!"

The House Red Doors is not for the faint hearted and not for the prudish, open minds and open souls are welcome as we explore sexuality, personality, music and art to the fullest extent...

Once more we bring you some of the world’s best artists and performers who will be blurring the line between stage and audience. You will become the show as you adventure through our Lover’s Labyrinth. Lose yourself in escapism and decadence as the doors open to a different fantasy each time you arrive...

Knock Knock.

The House of Red Doors is open once again!

Get your tickets and attend through Resident Advisor here*: https://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?895334

DJ Line Up:

Oliver Deutschmann /// soma, vidab
Rodion /// nein, roccodisco, les disques de la mort
Curses /// throne of blood, nein
Esther Duijn /// another earth, soulpeoplemusic
Sebastian Voigt /// renate
Michal Zietara /// renate, osba
Kieran Behan /// crystalmafia
Jonny Fox /// whiskey tango foxtrott, renate

Julietta La Doll
Valentina DeMonia
Viva Lamore
Bishop Black
Ms. F Rank
Ita Drew
Ady Sonerson
and lots more from our wonderful family of performers to whet your appetites throughout the night...

The Chapel - Repent your sins
Freakshow Parlour - Where the freaks hide
The Circus Bordello - A sumptuous get away for dirty clowns

The Red Light area will open from 2.30am

The Fortune Tellers caravan - A dedicated room for your carnal urges
Hootchie Kootchie stage - Watch performances from the most bizarre to the most beautiful creatures we can offer...

Plus more unexpected stages and areas to discover

11pm - Doors open and the residents of the house will be there to greet you and play.
1am - Our unmissable opening performance

... as usual more rooms will open up as the night unfolds... Look out for secret shows & surprises! Every guest has a different experience.


Please respect each other people, we are in an open environment for experimenting and letting loose BUT there is no expectation - If you want to play, remember to play safe. Don't take what isn't given and Don't give what doesn't want to be taken.

Be cool, basically. Don't be a dick head.

We have no qualms with kicking out anyone who doesn't behave respectfully.


COSTUMES are massively desired for The House of Red Doors,
they make it stranger, sexier and more beautiful night for all, on and off the stage. We want to see how bizarre, gorgeous, weird, odd, graceful, repulsive and sexy you can be, after all... the circus is in town for one night only.


Clowns, geeks, freaks, bearded ladies, strongmen, fortune tellers and of course fetish, kink, rubber, latex - Whatever your heart desires. Let your imagination run wild....

and remember...


* Be aware that buying a ticket through Resident Advisor does not guarantee entry - You still have to comply with Renate's door policy.