26.11.2016, 16:00

Salon - Zur wilden Renate - Frei(T)räume: A Special event of Nights Stadt-Nach-Acht

Flyer für: Salon - Zur wilden Renate - Frei(T)räume: A Special event of Nights Stadt-Nach-Acht
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Saturday the 26th of November :Clubcommission Berlin, NEWNet and Enter the Void - Appropriating Urban Spaces To Underground Youth Culture invites you to:

............................... < <Frei(T)räume> >..................................

‘Special event of the NIGHTS -Stadt-Nach-Acht conference’
Salon - Zur wilden Renate will be the host of this international summit on night culture and city development through alternative frameworks and perspectives. A multi-disciplinairy list of experts, activists, researchers, musicians, city-makers, artists and performers will transform Wilde Renate into an explorational summit-venue of nightlife culture and party politics.

Through workshops, presentations, dialogues, beats art and performances we invite you to reflect on topics that are from great importance to the existence of (sub)-cultural (night)life in Berlin and abroad.

Explore International perspectives on :

Rave diplomacy and awareness, Queer Realities,“Failure“ in nightlife, D.I.Y city-making, Models of post-migrant diversity Clubbing Gendering: Gender Inequality in Clubbing, Drug-Checking, Flow and Transformation, Underground collectives, Frei-räume, Fight for your right to party.....

Workshops, Dialogue, presentation, beats, art and performance :

Steven Raspa( Burning Man ), Christoph Fringeli ( Praxis Records), Shambhu Leroux , Conni Maly , Komet, Larry Tee, Aad Stierum, Tato Getia and Naja Orashvili (BASSIANI records, HOROOM, White Noise Movement, LGBT Georgia | ლგბტ საქართველო), Caron Geary a.k.a Feral is Kinky , Music Ahead ,Felix Schmeckefuchs(Rebellion der Träumer), Arab underground re:evolution, Johnny Knüppel and Stadtbad , Marta Bala Visual Art, Wolfgang Sterneck ( Alice-Project Free-Wonderland),Jordan Davidson(Herrensauna),Konrad Braun (Hidden Institute), Carlo Dijckmeester (Cirkus Klauterwerck) Hannah Christ (femdex) Bogomir Doringer(I Dance Alone), Jordan Davidson( Herrensauna) Liese Kingma (Black Rabbit Collective), Ella Overkleeft(Nachtburgemeester Amsterdam), Thomas Scheele (Kulturersatz), Lennart Siebert(Belius ), Sonics, Jamila Al-Yousef (Welcome Board), Agnes Raguse( Rave- Awareness) Luis-Manuel Garcia, Future Party Lab, (Victor Galan, (Noel Garcia), Noct@ambules, CLUBMOB.BERLIN, Philipp Beatsen( diveRcity) Maralina Schaefers ( Return Booking Agency) Annika Weyhrich (Fling.fm) Marion Cobretti Birgit&Bier, DonnersDucks, Flo Falkenhagen Wilde Möhre Festival, Johennes van Butzke ,
Astrit Ismaili

Entrance €10 euro, which also provides entrance to the nightprogram Salon - Zur wilden Renate afterwards.