28.01.2016, 22:00

Salon - Zur wilden Renate - THE HOUSE OF RED DOORS

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A new way to party in Berlin from Bad Bruises:


A lover’s labyrinth and surrealist soiree of escapism and transgression. Where the borders between performers and audience becomes blurred. You are the show. Get lost and find yourself.

A different experience through every door. Secret play rooms to sneak away and explore with lovers, friends and freaks, old and new. Find your own path and uncover the hidden wonders of THE HOUSE OF RED DOORS. There is no judgement inside the house, just respect each other, kiss, dance, fuck, love, embrace escapism.

Inspired by the Parisian brothels of the early 20th Century, a line of blood red doors will line the streets to indicate the entrance to a world catering to mankind’s oldest sin.

Schwarzer Raum:
Broken English Club /// jealous god, citytrax
Alex.Do /// dystopian
Mistake Made /// vault series
The Swift /// renate

Grüner Raum:
Fairmont - live /// border community, areal
Nico Stojan /// bar 25
Sebastian Voigt /// renate

Roter Raum (hosted by Quer)
Laura de Vasconcelos /// party colare, zona
Sky Deep /// reveller records
La Fraicheur /// leonizer records, quer
Dasco /// mint

SADO OPERA /// sado palace

Banbury Cross (burlesque bombsell)
Raven Dark Prince Of Burlesque (Boylesque)
Evilyn Frantic (Freakshow performance artist)
Julietta la Doll (Circus sweetheart)
Frank Sanazi (crooner with a twist)
Le Pustra (performance artist)
Kalinka Kalaschnikow (Striptease and performance art)
Linked - Afsana & Rija Mae (Rope art)

+ MANY MORE artists, installations, exhibtions, characters, strange souls, wild childs, bright young things, sexy motherfuckers and performers to play with.

Positioned only metres from the Berlin wall, the whole Alt-Stralau/Kynaststraße area was a dirty little secret, well known amongst the perverts and weirdos as the red light district of East Berlin. The Renate building and grounds had a special role in these times, acting as the main haunt of all the brothels. The Queen of the bizarre and unlawful. To this day, Madam Renate’s establishment carries this atmosphere deep within its soul. Rooted into the bricks, walls, stairs and foundation. Sex, hedonism, escapism & exuberance to its core.

Now THE HOUSE OF RED DOORS is here to channel that bohemian spirit and take us further down the rabbit hole, lose yourself in mystery and decadence as the doors open to a different fantasy each time you knock. You’ve never seen anything quite like this before.

Knock Knock.

Multiple floors with themed rooms
The Chapel – Confess your sins
The Toy Room
The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party
The Sado Palace
The Futurist Room
The Bordello
The Hidden Heaven Spot – Only certain lucky people will be given access
+ More

Secret areas and hidden delights.

World class performance artists and music.

Installations and shows that will happen in and around the audience.

Exhibitions from multiple artists of erotic art and photography including Andrea Galad.

Bringing back some of the creativity and chaos of old Berlin.

Tickets are €12 online through Resident Advisor: http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?791385

Or €15 on the door.


Dress code is not one thing and will not be strictly enforced (up to a point) but it will be strongly recommended & desired:

Embrace escapism, find your fetish, seek out your styles, and dress up to the max.

From the outlandish to nude, drag to designer, bondage and chains, come on a lead. Wear a crown, wear nothing. Latex, rubber, fetish. Medical, mad hatter, burlesque, weirdo, Pervert, Steam punk, Dada. Bizarre, your grandfathers shirt. Your favorite lingerie. Slippers and night gown. Or just whatever your feel sexiest in.

We want you to be part of the show.

Get lost and find yourself in THE HOUSE OF RED DOORS.