29.09.2016, 23:00

Salon - Zur wilden Renate - The House of Red Doors #5: S I N

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We are back and this time we have been very Bad. Bad Bruises presents a celebration of Sin…

✞ Pride ✞ Envy ✞ Greed ✞ Gluttony ✞ Sloth ✞ Wrath ✞ Lust ✞


Immersive ✶ Sex ✶ Art ✶ Music ✶ Love ✶ Respect ✶ Explore

“People go around mourning the death of God; it's the death of sin that bothers me. Without sin, people aren't people any more, they're just soul-less sheep.”

Since the first sweet taste of the flesh from the forbidden fruit, humankind has tried to keep their devillish urges secretly hidden away.

Preachers & teachers tried to keep us in line by telling us where our souls would go and what would happen if we were to S I N. The Bad ones would aways creep away to the peculiar places and fulfill their desires in the dark... dancing to their doom.

The House of Red Doors was founded as a tribute to these dens of iniquity and we want to keep the madness alive.
When the house opens it’s doors for the Autumn edition we invite you and all of Berlin’s most delicious party people to embrace escapism, live out your lusts and explore our lovers Labyrinth with freaks and friends old & new.

Once more we bring you some of the world best artists and performers who will be blurring the line between stage and audience. You will become the show as you adventure through our maze of rooms with wondrous themes to ignite your Sinful dreams. Lose yourself in mystery and decadence as the doors open to a different fantasy each time you arrive...

...Knock Knock

The House of Red Doors is open once again…

DJ Line Up:
Kate Miller
Casal Belalugosi
Laura de Vasconcelos
The Vandelays

Bishop Black
Linked (Shibari)
Julietta la Doll
Evilyn Frantic
Valentina DeMonia
Viva Lamore
Luna and Kim Tantric
Frank Le
and lots more from our wonderful family of performers to wet your appetites throughout the night.

Rooms ✞
The Chapel - Repent your sins
TV Parlour - An unholy alliance of Vanity, Envy and Gluttony
The Bordello of Lust - A cosy and lazy hideaway for the Slothful

The Red Light District will open from 2.30am
The Lust Room - A dedicated room for your carnal urges
Satans Stage - Watch performances from the most sinful creatures we can offer...

Plus more unexpected stages and areas to discover

11pm - Doors open and the residents of the house will be there to greet you and play.
1am - Our unmissable opening performance

... as usual more rooms will open up as the night unfolds... Look out for secret shows & suprises! Every guest has a different experience.

✞ Tickets available from Resident Adviser*


Please respect each other people, we are in an open environment for experimenting and letting loose BUT there is no expectation - If you want to play, remember to play safe, Do not take what isn't given and Do not give that which doesn't want to be taken.

Be cool, basically. Don't be a dick head.

We have no qualms with kicking out anyone who doesn't behave respectfully.


COSTUMES are massively desired for this edition of House of Red Doors, help us make this a really strange and beautiful night for all, on and off the stage. We want to see how bizarre, gorgeous, weird, odd, graceful, repulsive and sexy you can be..
and just remember to be ✞ S I N F U L ✞

*Presale Tickets do not gaurentee entry, you still need to comply with Renate's Doory Policy.