29.11.2018, 23:00

Salon - Zur wilden Renate - The House of Red Doors: Black Magick

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As Above, So Below

Tickets: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1176802

The limited online pre-sale are sold out! But there will be plenty of tickets for sale on the door.

Calling all Witches …

As the year begins to turn and the darkness begins to envelop more of the day, an unknown Esoteric Order have crept into The House. At all hours of the night can be heard their fevered wailing with mysterious chanting and indecipherable incantations.

As the clock strikes midnight on November 29th their final ceremony will commence, an invocation to ancient, timeless powers, long since forgotten by most mortals…

In tomes and breath, handed down through countless generations, gaining access to the forbidden knowledge of the Occult maintains it’s captivating allure…

Come and join us for the All Night ceremony and bring forth your own Magick as we dance and howl at the moon together for the last time we will open The House this year!


Fiedel /// ostgut ton, fiedel one
Moderna /// lumiere noire, la dame noir
Benjamin Fröhlich /// permanent vacation
ROTCIV /// mister mistery
KILLA /// lecken
Local Suicide /// my favorite robot, t.o.f.u.
Michal Zietara /// renate, osba, pets
Sebastian Plössner /// cuscus
The Shredder


Evilyn Frantic
Ginger Synne is burning official
Bishop Black
Julietta la Doll
Luce Lemons
Lucille Spielfuchs
Laura J King
Daan Draait
Suzanne Stavast
Signorina Valentina DeMonia
Lady Lee
Tania Giovo
Chika Takahashi
Fifi Fantôme
Viva Lamore
Martini Cherry
Hotti De Paris
Jeffrey Lutz AKA Slutz the Clown
Lello Li
Vanessa Vio Vaho

This is one not to be missed....



You must have made an effort.

Witches, Wiccans, white witches, love witches, wicker man, Lovecraftian nightmares, druids, demons, wizards, warlocks, macabre, Parisian Gothic, faded glamour spirits, creatures from other realms - Channel your inner Magick...get goth asf or interpret the theme however you wish AND of course your favourite HORDs outfits, Fetish, kink, naked attires are warmly welcomed.. Express yourselves and help us transport you to another world.




No means no. Never take what doesn't want to be taken and don't give that's not wanted. Consent, respect and NO means NO. We take this very seriously.

Respect. Respect. Respect.

Anyone who is found to be disobeying these rules, you will be leaving immediately and dealt with accordingly.

We will have our care team walking round The House at all times, watching over you.

Any member of staff (incl bar staff) can be spoken to at any time, they are all connected via walkie talkie to security and the door.

Take care of one and other and always reach out if needed.

*Please note RA tickets does not guarantee entry. You have to comply to The House and Renate's rules and door policy.