30.05.2019, 22:00

Salon - Zur wilden Renate - The House of Red Doors: Deep Space 2

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Calling all space cadets!

The brave adventurers are getting ready to board the Bad Bruises space rocket and the countdown is about to begin…

We are traveling once again into DEEP SPACE

Join us on our mission as we boldly explore the vast expanse of mystery and wonder we call the universe. This time we will be going even deeper… harder… faster… Can you take it?

The intergalactic basslines are shaking the ship and we can’t help but dance to the beat of this alien sound..

We have received a message from a planet known only as THE HOUSE OF RED DOORS lying somewhere in the outer fringes of space in the delta zone of Renate. Their message is clear, there is a world where all forms of life and love are welcome...

We come in peace

Opening times:

10pm for our limited presale tickets. This will include some secret happenings throughout The House.

11pm for tickets on the door/Abendkasse. But fear not, there's plenty more to see throughout the night...


Marquis Hawkes /// dixon avenue basement jams, clone
P.Leone /// e-missions, work them records
Projekt Gestalten /// vraaa records, pornceptual
Fringe Society /// relish, nein, wrong era
Ena Lind /// mint berlin
Homeboy /// house is ok, renate
Sebastian Plössner /// cuscus
Dr. Lobster /// silodom, saarbrücken
The Shredder


Tarot card reading by Truth and/or Consequences Tarot Card Readings


Space creatures from other worlds, Alien Circus animals, B-movie beehives, beauties and baddies. Astronauts, Aeronauts, Aliens of all kinds never conceived before! Inhabitants of the Space Zoo, Robots, planets, comets, cosmic entities, glitter (there is so much glitter in space fyi, but please use eco glitters) Bowies fantasy, or just strip down and come as the beautiful, perfect collection of stardust that you came into this universe as!

Indulge. Express. Enjoy.


Pinterest for inspiration: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/badbruises/hords-deep-space-2/


No means no. Never take what doesn't want to be taken and don't give what is not wanted. Consent is not negotiable. We take this very seriously.

Respect. Respect. Respect.

Anyone who is found to be disobeying these rules, you will be leaving immediately and dealt with accordingly.

As always we will have our care team walking round The House at all times. A hand-picked selection of diamonds, divas and party veterans who know how to look our for you.

Any member of staff (incl bar staff) can be spoken to at any time, they are all connected via walkie talkie to security and the door. Never feel embarrassed about asking and talking to them.

Take care of one and other and always reach out if needed.

*Please note RA tickets does not guarantee entry. You have to comply to The House and Renate's rules and door policy.