28.01.2016, 23:00

SchwuZ - Elektronischer Donnerstag ◉ G day ◉ Jupiter

Flyer für: SchwuZ - Elektronischer Donnerstag ◉ G day ◉ Jupiter
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We are landing on Jupiter.
Oh my Jupiter, king of Ancient Rome's Gods,
you didn't change, your planet is so big and full of unimaginable discovery, pleasure and gladiators ...
This Bacchanalia party will be our salvation, and Lady Maru our goodness.

Space crew:

◉ Lady Maru

Lady Maru started producing music in 1994 and djing in Rome since 2003. She is working as DJ resident at Amigdala party and at U-Kabarett, a techno night mixed with live performances and some others best roman clubs (past Goa Club, Animal Social Club, now Rashomon, Rampa Prenestina). She produces mostly deep house and techno tracks with a light psychadelic touch. She makes us the honor of coming specially from Rome for G day this thursday.


◉ Mashyno

╰། ◉ ◯ ◉ །╯

+ Darkroom

Ancient Rome dresscode is welcome!

Entrance: 6 Euro

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