29.09.2016, 23:00

SchwuZ - Elektronischer Donnerstag // G day // Final Destination

Flyer für: SchwuZ - Elektronischer Donnerstag // G day // Final Destination
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After the G day space crew been traveling 17 months through the SchwuZ Universe we reached our final destination.

The last G day trip for this year will be PROXIMA B

Since at least the time of the Greek philosophers, humans have always speculated about the existence of other worlds. Proxima B is the proof of that and we´re welcoming our sister planet, with an ultimate night at SchwuZ.

Get together, celebrate and dance with us. Love, EQUALITY, sex and excellent music will be shared at this "Glory day“.

Space crew:

Jon Dark
> 4 >
James Demon
> 3 >
> 2 >www.mixcloud.com/2FARO
> 1 >www.mixcloud.com/mashyno/

G day says thank you to the SchwuZ team, the Djs and for all the G day lovers on the dancefloor for these journeys!!

The End is a new beginning <3

++++ EXTRA BONUS second room opened

+ Darkroom
Entrance: 6 euros

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