13.07.2019, 23:59

SOUNDS - Ceremony 10

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Hello again dear dancers

We have the pleasure to bring you our edition of Ceremony number ten. What a beautiful number. The perfect number for some.

First of all say thanks to all that were part of the last night and made it possible. And second we apologize for any inconvenience caused by the Toucan and we hope you are already recovered from his bites. Sorry.

Everyone is welcome. You don't need to bring a proof of income, we don't need your Schufa and definitely we don't want a bank guarantee. We just want you on full spirit.

And as the temperatures in Berlin are rising steadily more than rent prices we encourage you to come as fresh as you can.

We invite you to come, share the pineapple and celebrate music with us in the this unique space of freedom and joy which is Sounds.

Ziegrastraße 11, 12057 Berlin

Line up:

- Joan Bernat
- Nirel Nica
- Eljest
- Llupe
- Rafa

The Toucan is watching you