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Flyer für: SOUNDS - PISTA Keyla
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PISTA Keyla Berlin edition

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All the way from São Paulo, Brazil and in collaboration with SOUNDS, PISTA COLETIVA present the first Berlin edition of their internationally renown underground queer party.

Established 2017 in São Paulo PISTA COLETIVA is a queer collective which arose in the effervescent underground scene of the city in recent years.

"Pista" meaning dance floor in Portuguese. But also means track, lane, runway, trace, or even a clue, a trace, a direction to follow. All this polysemy is a good portrait of what a dancefloor can represent.

Featuring special guest artists, from Brazil: MISSIMMIGRATION aka Euvira, an amazing performer from MAMBA NEGRA, DJ Nikkatze (BLUM, Brazil) and Paty Vapor, a Berlin based Brazilian DJ, who together with DJ Nikkatze produce the incredible project Amigas da Onça.

And from Berlin: Mauro Feola (RIOT) a regular with PISTA COLETIVA and also in the São Paulo scene. Marquis de Shade (STUDIO 69) who's rocking SOUNDS and the Berlin underground queer scene. Performing live: Dievondavon, an outstanding synthpop singer song writer.


∫ Amigas da Onça (Paty Vapor [BER] + Nikkatze [BLUM/SP]) >>>

∫ Dievondavon (Berlin) LIVE >>>

∫ Gibranna (PISTA COLETIVA, Brazil) >>>

∫ Marquis de Shade (STUDIO 69, Berlin) >>>

∫ Mauro Feola (RIOT, Berlin) >>>




Ꮬ Léo Teófilo (https://www.instagram.com/leo.teofilo/)


Leandro Cunha (https://www.instagram.com/leandersson_sim/)
Yuri Rios